Join thousands of players in Defiance, the
Free-to-Play shooter MMO that brings
massive Co-op action to a future universe
evolving in-game and on TV!
You can never be too equipped for life on the New Frontier. Lock and load with Starter Packs filled with special items and boosts, a Paradise Patron subscription, and Defiance DLC packs adding major features and content to your world!

Total Bits Available

Defiance Bits may be used to purchase boosts, equipment, vehicles, and tons of other items from the in-game Defiance Store for the PC version of Defiance.

Patron Subscription Information

Paradise Patron Status grants 10% off all items in the Defiance store, bonus Arkforge and personal boosts in your Daily and Weekly Login rewards as well as all 6 Patron Boosts.

Downloadable Content for Defiance

Advent Calendar 2020
Advent Calendar 2020
Be prepared for any adventure

Cancel Subscription

If you choose to cancel your promotional pricing subscription and later re-subscribe, the promotional pricing subscription will no longer be available.

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